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Group Exhibition

20 December 2021

Selected artists:

Matthias Lück, M.J. Lindow, Christian Door, Zoie Lam, Andrea Ehret, Artmoods TP, Carolina Ramos, Marilena Ramadori “Zizza”, Francesco De Lorenzo, Marta Nyrkova, Dan Obana, Salome Kobulashvili, Meri Aisala, René Siepmann, Maja Puda, Jasmine Liaw, Laura Dimitrova, Eri Kato, Snezhina Biserova, Paul-Yves Poumay, Ivana Dukic, Jack Savage, Martinu Schneegass, Marine Kearney, Var Sahakyan / Vartist, Sofya Danilova, Mandelbroz, Christian Door, Nero Cosmos, Natalie Sobo, Ayuko Dan, Alexandra Ghimisi, Bianca Paraschiv, Ryo Kajitani, Victor Hernandez, Yin Lu, Max Wolf, Nino Memanishvili, Maria Di Gaetano, Emily Zou, Flavie Guerrand, James Johnson-Perkins, Raquel Gandra, Ambra Scali, Anna Hrbacova, Pantelis Nicolaou, Steve Jensen, Ulyana Korol, Yvonne Welman, Milica Lilić, Ethan Samaha, Alma Bibolotti

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21 July 2021

The definition of the word rebirth is “the process of being reincarnated or born again; a period of new life, growth, or activity, a revival”.

This exhibition investigates precisely these aspects, through the thought and works of international artists selected by our curatorial staff.

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Far But Close

28th January 2021

Inspired by the forced segregation due to the pandemic `far but close` is an exhibition that presents selected artists from all over the world, showing them and spreading their art in an online exhibition, accessible to all as art must continue to live even in a period like this, seeking new methods of expression and dissemination.



Florence Contemporary Gallery created to promote and boost the career of emerging artists selected from all over the world, is an online-based contemporary art platform, an online based contemporary art platform,

a meeting place among artists, collectors, curators and art lovers.

Our gallery select artists through free open calls that we develop throughout the year, setting at the base a topic that from time to time investigates contemporary themes.


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