Sally De Courcy

Sally de Courcy began by casting repeated abstract forms to create more complex arrangements where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At art school, she was challenged to bring more of herself into the piece. Her work is not autobiographical in the figurative sense but explores the space between conscious representation and unconscious influence.
Whilst a young medic, she was exposed to the suffering of refugees from a genocidal regime. Much of her work revisits these experiences and stands for those treated as less than human. More recently her work concerns humanitarian aspects of the pandemic as a medically retired doctor and immunocompromised artist living in social isolation.
Using varied materials, she casts repeated contextually linked objects that when perceived are re-assembled to reveal a narrative. Her work is frequently decorative but hiding darker and often sinister subjects that when revealed create dissonance.
Sally qualified in 2016 from the UCA, Farnham with masters with distinction in Fine Art. Sally is a member of IAVA and Continuum.
She has exhibited internationally most recently at The Borders Exhibition in Venice and the TY Pawb Open, Wales. She has exhibitions planned in 2021 in London and the UK. Sally lives in Woking, UK.

Instagram: decourcysally