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Anderson Perin

Anderson Perin, through “Action Paint”, seeks to represent feelings and emotions in his work. Born in 1976 in Pato Branco – Paraná, Brazil. Currently resides in Joinville – Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Despite academic training in architecture and urbanism, he is self-taught in the world of painting.
He started painting in 2021, after a Burnout crisis at work added to depression and the separation of an 18-year marriage.
Jackson Pollock is the main reference in the work, also bringing with it the philosophical reference of Friedrich Nietzsche.
These artworks seek to reflect on the personal feelings, not only of the artist, but of each observer of the works.
His work arises through a word, a feeling or some moment that can be experienced by anyone.
The work is created by almost unconscious gestures, expressed with different intensities, colors, forms of movement and a lot of emotion, trying to make people feel, experience and reflect on the expression of the work.

Instagram: anderperin_art

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