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Interview with Sofya Danilova
February 2021
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Short Interview with

Nicolas Crocetti

Nicolas Crocetti is a photographer and visual artist born in Italy and grown around Europe. His artworks are based on  his personal vision of reality in which he captures elements that he reproposes in new guises through painting, photography, installations and digital art.

Nicolas won the Black&White open call powered by Florence Contemporary Gallery on September 2019 with the "geomeTREE V".


Could you tell us more details about the artwork ?
GeomeTree V is based on my personal research and attraction towards the suggestive forms that nature offers us, that natural aesthetic that is often clouded by the frenzy of our lives. The main subject is the tree, extrapolated and decontextualized from reality and reproposed later in a new form, unreal, a new visual and evocative image but at the same time easily ascribable to the subject of departure that leaves the viewer free interpretation of the senses, even though it contains within it elements that express their mea-ning and concepts. The creative process presents the subject under the new aesthetic aspect that is  represented through the basic and static figure par excellence, the square, this choice was dictated by the will to contrast the presence of extremely figures dynamic and complex that characterize the artworks.


What inspires you for this artwork?
As I explained before, I took my life as a starting point, during the realization of this work I was experiencing a particularly negative moment in my life that I represented through the choice not to use colors and the choice of dry and bare branches, at the same time I used the tree as the symbol of life and rebirth (ancient myths), so I combined these two elements to exorcise this moment through art.


In your works there are hidden elements that are not perceived at first glance, do you agree?

I totally agree, the viewer is deliberately left free interpretation, but at the same time in my works there is always a meaning, sometimes more explicit, sometimes less, but it is always present.

What are your future plans/projects ?
I'm working on several projects at the same time, in this period I'm experiencing a particularly creative moment and I feel the need to do and experiment with different mediums that allow me to convey at best what I want to convey, let's see how the situation evolves and where it will take me.

How would you describe your experience with our gallery?

Great! I mean was a really good experience that I recommend, I received a wide coverage and promotion for my artwork that helped me to create new contacts.

Nicolas Crocetti
interview with the winner of the call Black&White, September 2019
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