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Jerónima is a Spanish artist born in 1997 in Mallorca.
In 2019 she graduated as a Space Designer at Elisava, the School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona.
Afterward, she settles in Madrid where she studied a Master in Management at IE Business School. From the age of 16 she developed in the plastic arts, looking into the disciplines of photography and painting. During the years in which she worked on photography in a more intense way, she won several awards in the city of Palma. At the age of 21, she traveled to London to study a Contemporary Fine Arts curse at the University
of The Arts of London, an experience that allowed her to experiment with photography and connect with painting. 
Jerónima held her first painting exhibition, Arenes, in Pollença in 2016. Arenes is a series of twenty-one artworks inspired by the shapes, materials and colors of the coasts of the island of Mallorca and the Mediterranean. This work becomes the starting point of Jerónima’s trajectory and her relationship with painting. Most of Jerónima’s artistic practice is abstract and suggestive, and is characterized by the combination of texture and a particular chromatic range. The artist works from an experimental perspective, elaborating artworks where raw materials, such as concrete, plaster or sand, are the main character to generate volumes evoking manipulated natural morphologies. Jerónima likes to approach her work as a constant experimentation to translate into a plastic and abstract language the feelings and emotions of concrete circumstances of the artist’s life. The concern for the visual beauty, the physical, tension, falling in love, energy or the human being are some of the concepts she has worked on. I try to converge a feeling into a concept, which I translate through textures and colors. The intention is to connect with the worked concept and awaken an emotion in the viewer. Creating a link that links him with a lived experience. The work is no longer personal, but shared; a constant reinterpretation of my work.
Jerónima currently works full time as an artist in her studio in Llucmajor, Mallorca.

Instagram: jeronima___
Telephone: +34 647 979 723

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