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Elena Bondarenko

Elena Bondarenko is a contemporary art artist and abstractionist. Elena based in Russia at the moment, the Far East. She studied at the academic art school in Russia in Birobidzhan, and also studied at the Art University in Khabarovsk. Her work is mostly done in mixed technique, experimenting with paint and materials. Elena has found her own recognizable style. The images can be expressive but neat, they delicately invite the viewer to step beyond the usual perception. Creativity for Elena is love, life. These messages are embedded in each picture, it is her way of offering the viewer her vision of reality, her signs. The paintings are born in a moment of inspiration in a natural way, artistic skills, are only a tool to convey a transcendent state. An analysis of her paintings has many references in various philosophical teachings.


Elena's paintings were at an international exhibition at the Russian Far East Museum.

Elena's first solo exhibition was held in Birobidzhan at the State Museum of Modern Art, the second was in the House of Creative Intelligentsia in Khabarovsk, and the third in Birobidzhan, in a private gallery.

Elena's paintings were bought by a delegation from the Japanese University of Arts, and in private collections in Russia

Instagram: nobodyknowzzzzz

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