Short Interview with

Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari ​

Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari was born in Finland in 1956, she is based in a little village in Kainuu region called Paakki, after graduation in ceramics she started  her artistic career in 1997 with several exhibition around Finland for more than 20 years, she work with different materials including 3D-pen and PLA filaments, clay, glass, recycling materials and for example polyurethane foam.

Kaarina won the Visual Art open call powered by Florence Contemporary Gallery on September 2019 with the "The Fragile Memory of A Bird".

Could you tell us more details about the artwork ?
I've done my art work Fragile Memory of a Bird  with 3d-pen and PLA
filament and its shape is quite arbitrary. 3D Pen is a new acquaintance
to me and I was very excited about its potentials.


Where does his art come from? what inspires you?
The Fragile Memory of A Bird is a bird's ghostly character which reminds us of the dangers of climate change.
I get inspired by many things and phenomena. Sometimes my work deals with nature and its beauty, and sometimes I take a steep stand on phenomena such as violence against women or climate change.


The medium used for the realization is certainly innovative and
contemporary, tell us about this choice?

- 3D pen and PLA filament may currently be an unusual tool in today's
art world, but I believe it will take its place. Working with a 3D pen
is like drawing, but it's also sculpting. It plays with colors, or it is
monochrome and harmonious. In fact, I've always liked the idea to draw
in the air, so this technique is very pleasing for me.


What are your future plans/projects or aspirations?
At the moment I´m working with a big series of art works with my 3D Pen for our Endless Play Art Exhibition, which will open in December at the Kajaani Art Museum.  There are currently dozens more sections inaddition to this Newer Ending Play installation. I also bring to the exhibition works by other techniques, such as watercolors and contemporary scrap art.
In 2021 there will also be a big exhibition at the Kemi Art Museum here
in Finland. Of course, I follow international events and take part in
juried competitions whenever possible.

How would you describe your experience with our gallery?
My experience with this kind of online gallery like Florence Contemporary gallery, was new and in many ways very interesting and satisfying.