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Kushlani Jayasinha

Kushlani Jayasinha, born and raised in Sri Lanka amid turbulent social strife, is a painter whose artistic practice is informed by her Buddhist way of life and her occupational past as a Silicon Valley software engineer and a postdoctoral Physics scholar.  

Kushlani’s paintings are created amid a traditional meditative process learned from the monks in Sri Lanka teaching her the gentle wisdom of Buddha. From this background, she became versed in studying the self in silence. The process manifests in careful and deliberate forms that are derived from natural formations but which are abstractly rendered on her canvases: a dreamy coastal fog, a far-off city in the mist, a peaceful body of water. The forms are unavoidably rooted in Kushlani’s conscious consideration of physical properties, and the result is something curiously tangible but simultaneously dreamlike.


I believe stress is what causes our suffering. Stress makes it hard for us to process our emotions and be fully in the moment and in our bodies when engaging with the world. It’s easy to stay calm and let “good” emotions flow through but we clench for the “hard” ones. These get stored in our bodies for us to deal with later. This is what trauma is. As children we have a natural flow but the environment, rules, expectation gets in the way. I feel them as knots. This is also why it’s good to cultivate a neutral mindset for the emotions.

I believe the environment gives us similar experiences so it reaches those stored. They come as a form of a vibration. This is to make us shake them off and make them flow through our body, so we can heal. If we don’t heal the second time around it’ll accumulate and will take a harder experience to shake it off.

The remedy will be to slow down the pace of life. Simplify, exercise, meditate, laugh and have fun. That is why letting go is so powerful, we can release all the stress out of our bodies so we are light and happy. No clinging on to certain outcomes, just flow with life.

Art helps me be in touch with my emotions.

These observations come from my meditations. I have watched my emotions and how they interact with my body thoroughly, for years.


Instagram: kushlani_jayasinha

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