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Matthias Lück

In my work there is always something like a symbolic approach, sometimes stronger and sometimes less. I like to tell little stories or even fairy tales. I like to throw current topics, invented and historical things together, stir vigorously and I am often amazed at what comes out of it. While actively strolling through the world, I soak up everything that is largely related to me and my environment. 
Like nothing else, art helps me to process what I have experienced and absorbed and here and there offers the basis for exchange and togetherness with other people. If there is such a thing as a main idea in my work, then it will certainly reformulate itself again and again and develop further. In addition to all the theoretical content, my work should always retain its beautiful and light character. 
That means that everyone who likes to look at colored pictures should find access as well as someone who wants to talk about content.


Instagram: lueck_matthias

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