M.J. Lindow

Lindow has been creating art since the age of four, when he cut and folded craft paper into a 3D biplane. He continued to pursue art through high-school and was the only student in his school's history to pass all three advanced placement art exams. To pay for college, he worked at a local stained glass studio designing, painting, and building stained glass windows for projects around the world. After college, he continued to pursue art as a hobby, painting and sketching for himself and his family, while developing a career as a data analyst and data engineer. Learning to code and working with large datasets, he developed a love for efficient systems, automation, and human-augmentation. His current work blends his interests, by creating computer code that generates artistic images.

Artistic Statement
I believe computers have great potential to augment human abilities and free us to
pursue our unique potential: creating. I write computer programs that capture my artistic
vision and distil it into a set of executable instructions laced with random variation.

Email: me@mjlindow.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjlindow/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mjlindow