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Richi Perez

Richi Perez is an artist that explores painting in different ways combining his work like a painter with performances in which in collaboration with other artists, and new technological devices, they mix the painting with the music in live in one way never seen before.


His inspiration is the common things that humans share, like the birth and the death, the necessity to admire something bigger than us in this beautiful world or the memory of humanity before us. So trying to find the balance between subjective art and objective art, which can be certainly forgotten nowadays, and collaborating with another artist in the search of the joy and beauty in the act of art.


He also work like a comic artist publishing the comic (Sueños de Roca, editorial desnivel, spain 2020).
He was working in Spain:
-Award Cómic/Manga/Arte Joven 2018
- Award Xuventude crea 2019
- Mural painting in the Monastery of Santa Catalina (Ares,Spain) 2022
For the past two years he has been collaborating with people in Athens Greece, making performances and exhibitions. Developing a device that translates the painter’s gestures and pressure applied on the canvas\sculpture into sound. Creating a painting and a music composition at time.

Instagram: richi_perez_art
YouTube: ricardoperezmartinez4042

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