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Rickard Linder

Rickard Linder ​ ​ I don’t know how i thought I could be- com an artist. I set out to experiment with materials and see reactions and exclusion of material. I challenge my- self to depict and discover the world of light and shadow, but I also have a great admiration for the impulsive and unpredictable. So who am I now and how did I get here? The anwser is simple, I have no idea. I know I don’t want to keep doing the same thing. I want to see where mate- rials and circumstance will take me. One of the favorite things before pre- paring or starting the work for an upcoming show, is to watch the film “Basquiat”. There are couple of scenes that have influenced me over the years and I need to go back to them for in- spiration and the belief that I should do what I want. When JMB is in his studio and all his work is layed out on the floor. He starts pushing a roller around, dren- shed in paint. Or when a couple comes to buy a paint- ing pre-show and complain about the “hospital-green”. Or when JMB is walking to the gallery opening, head phones on with music playing and as he enters the gallery, an unkown ma removes the headphones and the music switches to the murmur of the crowd. Two things that I take from this. 1, I am greatly inspired by JMB’s work. Strong choices of line and solid col- or schemes of experimentation. 2, I always show up “late” for my opening nights. I sit somewhere and have a beer or two, maybe a second place if I feel like it. Then I head over to the show and take in the atmosphere. When preparing for a show I al- ways go through a couple of phases. The preperation phase. The idealist phase. The extacy phase. The paint over phase, and finally, the what-the- hell-am-I-doing phase. I rarely skip a phase but the intensity of each might vary. I honestly do not know what I am doing half the time. But I remember what I have done. I love to paint and I never give my- self a hard time for not painting, but I should learn how to push myself more, to get better and more produc- tive. Art is within me, I just have to find how to get it out. ​



Instagram: riclinder_artist
Facebook:  Linder – Artist
Tel: +46 (0)707 22 31 09

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