Sofya Danilova

Sofya Danilova has over 15 years of experience in shooting and editing pictures. She is proficient in a wide range of styles — from photo manipulations and art photography to commercial photo shoots. 

After a decade of constant work, Sofya got to the point where two-dimensional photography was just not enough to express everything she wanted to. As a seasoned photographer, she experimented with frame dynamics and volume, tried a hand in different styles, but in the end, decided not to limit herself by just two dimensions, bending them to create more space in her art.

And so, to pass across more complex feelings, Sofya started to create kaleidoscopes — images that can achieve the effect of space's enclosure and deeper immersion in the picture.


I first started making kaleidoscopes after going to the abstract art festival. Among many works, I saw there an installation of neon threads stretched between trees. They were ordinary wool threads of a certain colour that glowed in the ultraviolet. While they lay on the ground, they were not impressive at all; but after they were combined in a preconceived pattern, the strings and the ultraviolet light made space a low-polygonal (low-detail, emphatically minimalist) matrix. 

I was looking at their pattern and internally debated with myself: how a photograph could adequately convey a sense of this space, which immerses the viewer in itself?

When I began to edit pictures from the festival, I tried to achieve the same effect of immersion in the picture, of closedness, of wholeness. But an ordinary photo was not enough for that. So I started experimenting with form and realized that nothing is as immersive as symmetry. 

That's why most of my work deals with central symmetry: it's the most closed system possible. 

But the question always remains: what exactly to immerse oneself in. Something beautiful? Something curved, difficult to place in space? Both are interesting in their own way, especially when there is a possibility to combine them. And so, I decided to explore how beauty and ugliness are intertwined in our perception, taking both of them to their absolute.


Instagram: cutmixcombine