Vesna Dobričić

Vesna Dobričić was born in 1997 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Currently, she is a Master’s student in Photography. She exhibited her works in various group exhibitions and Biennials in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, South Korea, and online.

Since the beginning of my photographic journey, I was experimenting with different materials, combining digital and analogue elements. My photographs resemble a visual diary, and an emotional response to things I experience in my life. The two most important elements of my work are colour and shape. Since the beginning of 2020, I have been using the cross-polarization applied to plastic materials in my photographs. Since then, I have used one roll of cellophane and one roll of sellotape to create over 100 compositions. I consider this my way of minimizing the use of plastic in my art practise. What intrigues me the most about the technique itself is the relationship between coincidence and control that intertwine all the time. The moment I seemingly gain control of the composition, something unexpected happens that brings me back to the beginning and makes me think. In that process, I could define elements by cutting pieces of cellophane in desired shapes. After that, I could arrange them as many times as I want. Each time I do that, I get different results.

Instagram: simple_as_vesna
Behance: vesnadobricic