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Catalog Issue 1 - March 2020

Since its founding, Florence Contemporary Gallery has been a platform for established and emerging artists carefully selected, where through our initiatives we have built, and we continue to increase our community of artists, curators, collectors and institution from all over the world. I would like to thank all the artists who applied and who gave us so many varying artworks to consider, our staff selected  80 artist from 5 continets, giving them international exposure and recognition. As with any art form, especially with visual art, there are many ways as an artist can make a piece of work come to life, in this edition we explore a few of these different art forms, and hope you admire the various techniques used, even through this catalog pages, art in its conglomerate of form has the power to stop us in our tracks, flood our minds with different emotions and isnpire us to achieve the impossible, so , savour it with us, soak it all up, and feel the emotion portrayed in the selected artworks.


Michele Morelli,
Curator FCG

Annotazione 2020-03-12 004233.jpg

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