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Professional 1 on 1 Portfolio Review


The art world can often be challenging to navigate. There are several unwritten rules, hidden opportunities, threats, and more. All too frequently, the art community fails to reward artists' various efforts, therefore, we believe every talented artist deserves professional and personal 1 on 1 advice. By doing so, the artist can work directly toward their primary goal, bypassing a lengthy trial-and-error process of finding the unwritten rules of the art world.

FCG aims to support artists by providing affordable professional and high-value assistance.  Our expertise, experience, and insights in the art world enable us to identify the main reasons your hard work is not getting the recognition it deserves, or, simply how to make your portfolio more impactful.

What is the process? First of all, we review your work and portfolio. Then based on this initial assessment, we will go on to study a more effective communication strategy and how to better develop the individual artist's projects. Further, we will discuss the report in the manner of a one-hour video call, offering 1 on 1 personal advice.

Write us at and request your complete advisory rapport. 

Personal Consulting and Expertise for Collectors 

FCG does not confine its services for collectors to its own gallery program. We aim to move away from the outdated competition-minded art industry. Instead, it is our goal and true mission to assist the art industry by providing research tools and expertise in order to develop synergetic and long-term working connections.

Our consulting process is grounded in objective data and career facts. We use analytical research tools and algorithms to identify artists whose careers are on the rise. In this way, we can provide clear insight into an artist's career, predict their trajectory, and analyse the factors necessary for their ambitious prospects for becoming an established artist in the future.

We offer a full advisory report on a specific artist, or, present you a selection of artists tailored to your requirements. Two possible procedures:

- The collector has a specific artist in mind and wishes to obtain a full report on the artist in question, formulating a clear overview and collecting advice. 

- The collector does not have a specific artist in mind. An exploratory conversation is scheduled, after which FCG presents a selection of artists and artworks, tailored to the collector’s requirements and desires.
By collaborating with many other galleries we receive a percentage of the sale, and by doing so we can offer this advice service to curators. 

Please write a detailed email at 



FCG offers a very competitive formula concerning the co-publishing of exhibition catalogues for art galleries, museums and artists. With this formula, for a fixed price without any unforeseen additional costs, we take care of the entire process of production (writing, editing, licensing and designing), printing and publishing in close cooperation with your enterprise or project. 

For all inquiries concerning co-publishing, contact us at 

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