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Lisa Anita Wegner


Lisa Anita Wegner is an award-winning artist, performer, filmmaker, and the creative director of Mighty Brave Productions, through which she has completed over 200 full-scale art projects. After studying theatre at York University, Wegner acted in film, theatre, and television projects and ran two self-owned film production companies before she began to explore visual art and performance.  It was when she discovered her passion for creating universes and alternate personae that she believes she truly began her artistic career. Her professional art practice began with experiments in post-production photography and grew to encompass film, video, and live performance, focusing on the use of artifice as a means of exploring the truth. 

Drawing on her personal history, Wegner set about creating artistic realities that run parallel to and sometimes counter to the traditionally accepted reality, in a process she dubbed Realistic Confabulation. With heavy Dada influences and strong, theatrical Expressionism recalling Weimar-era Berlin, she developed her art practice into a cohesive, immersive experience for her audience, featuring outsize comic and tragic elements..

Wegner’s works range from films to performance-based installations, along with photo and video works that emerge as artifacts of her universes. Her most recent project, Intangible Adorations, is featured in the National Arts Centre's 2023 book, Bold And Adventurous Creation. Her five-year commitment to this large-scale project has put her in the public eye as a pre-eminent multisensory art specialist renowned by her audience and peers for her worlds which she has given everyone access to explore.


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