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Eri Kato 

"My task as an artist is to reconstruct the things which have become unnecessary in daily life and create a new value out of those things.

As a child, I was taught to handle things with great care. However, as time went by, Japan became a real consumer’s society with cheaply made products. As a result, some things disappeared from our lives. I felt a strong sense of incongruity.

My works are abstract art. I mostly utilize discarded materials, such as used cardboard boxes and scrap woods. I get a lot of inspiration from their texture, form, and color. I use tools which are used in our daily life such as scissors, a needle or just my hands. As much as possible, I try to create my art in a simple, primitive way. Creation is always an experiment and it involves trials and errors."



Instagram: erikato_art

Facebook: erikato7575

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