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Alisa Teletović

Alisa Teletović, 1974, prominent and independent Bosnian Herzegovina and Australian artist. She started painting at the age of 11 and was called a strong and spontaneous talent. Wins two awards in former Yugoslavia. At the age of 15, in 1988, she had her first solo exhibition where she presented herself with an abstract style of painting. Even then, she deviates from traditional and realistic ways of painting and leaves established painting techniques. Unfortunately, the war interrupted her development through school art. She left Mostar and became a refugee, settling in Austria and her life path took a new course. She lived shortly in Klagenfurt to finally settle down in Australia. She finished her Bachelor of Art in 2000 from RMIT University in Melbourne, and Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Media. She lived and created, exhibited for 17 years in Australia. The merging of two worlds through a great life experience intertwines in Alice’s paintings, as she paints her thoughts, emotions, and life. In 2011 Alisa returned to Bosnia and Hercegovina. She is a member of the Association of Fine and Applied Artists of BiH, HKD Napredak, and ULUBIH. She exhibited her works at over thirty solo exhibitions, among others in London, Berlin, Dubai, Venice, Rome, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Sarajevo and Tuzla. She is the laureate of several recognitions and awards. She works in graphic design and product design, she is the founder of several brands, but recently she has devoted herself only to painting. Her small miniatures are called Michice and they are pure joy of bigger works in a small space. The artworks of established artist Alisa Teletović are in public and private collections around the world. She has been living in Sarajevo for the last 12 years, creating inspiring works of art in his studio, and promoting her art outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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