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Lauren Naomi

Lauren Naomi creates sensuous sculptural work with clay rose petals that illustrates our symbiotic relationship with nature. She brings an ever-blooming garden indoors with kaleidoscopic petal formations; from highly ornate wall-hanging landscapes of abstract and realistic buds to minimalist flowering freestanding sculptures and ceiling suspensions. Lauren transcends her four-generation family tradition of floral crafting with a practice uniquely her own. She carefully hand-sculpts thousands of clay petals from a Japanese air-dry compound and arranges them in her own petal language on often fragile and unexpected materials; packing paper, chicken wire, used car tires, and canvas. Her compositions are her reflections on human psychology and the natural world as she works from her waterfront studio on the North Shore of Staten Island. She plans to continue exploring mapped statistical representations of collective emotional responses with floral abacuses and systems of measurement. Lauren Naomi (b. 1975) is from Sharon, Massachusetts and has resided in New York City since 1993. She holds a BA in Psychology with a Visual Arts Concentration from Barnard College, Columbia University and an MA in Art/Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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