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Hassiba KESSACI is a painter, illustrator and monotype engraver based in Rennes (France). She short trained in illustration at the EDAA artschool (France) and in fashion illustration at the London College of Fashion. Her artworks are characterized by the permanency of drawing -expressive, delicate and minimalist with the influences of Egon Schiele and Jean Cocteau-and a visual language by color - sometimes in tension and saturated -, whether in inkmonotypes, works in dip pen and Indian ink, expressive sketches with fine felt or dot made drawings with dip pen.

Her creation is part of a poetic apprehension of reality. Pursuing obsessions, not without risks, until their elucidations or not, translated into the artistic object, borrowing from fiction and the arts as a whole to fill the gaps of reality, her progress in art goes through an hallucinated wandering of reality. Then, intelligence through the image and the sensitive approach through art makes reality intelligible. But this is not enough. It also needs the stress and the carnality of the experience that reintroduces a temporality to come and free from the captivity of hallucination.
The intention is the emergence of the Absent whether he is the conscious prisoner of the unconscious, the meaning blurred by nonsense, the sensitive cut by reason, the elsewhere confronted with anchoring.
Implicitly, it is a question of alienation and of getting out of this captivity to allow, at first, the entelechia --that is to say, the realization of what was in power, by which the being finds its perfection--, then the entry of the Real which is finally this Absent. The pursuit of obsessions manifested itself in the artistic exploration of fashion, driven by an irrational fascination. Fashion as an emanation of the human condition: between spirituality and desire, between individuality and society, between sensitivity and rationality, the question of gender. Fashion, emanation or, as Oscar Wilde said, "the truth of masks", in other words, behind the visible, the true mystery of masks and not the invisible, by which we mean the elusive real.
Her new series related to childhood combining monotype and dot drawing with an engraving rendering is part of the same artistic approach that explores the trauma manifested by an immoral diversion directly in the creative act. 

Hassiba KESSACI has been finalist at the Florence Contemporary Gallery Competition in January 2021.
She has been published on April 2021 in the social media of the Chinese fashion brand MUKZIN who defiled at the New York Fashion Week in 2020. Hassiba KESSACI won the certificate of artistic merit of the prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize on December 2021.

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