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July 21, 2021

Inspired by the feeling and the desire to start over, to restart, to be reborn, our Rebirth exhibition is a selected collection of artworks from all over the world. After a long work, our curatorial staff offers you this exhibition online accessible from every part of the planet, a selection aimed at promoting contemporary artistic research in its different modes of expression.

Selected artists: Rickard Linder, Thelma Pott, Christian Door, Nae Zerka, Ayuko Dan, Logan Schneiderman, Agata Flaminika, Marilena Ramadori “Zizza”, Francesco De Lorenzo, Hafele Simon / Psy-Pix, Sally de Courcy, Pascie, Sara SAYU Medea,  Susanna Schorr, Maria Borg, Maija Vanhatapio, Vesna Dobricic, Dolores Mephistopheles, Evgenia Makarova, Borbala Eszteri, Ivan Puzanov, Sebastian Mueller - Soppart, Pav Spencer, Georgia Karampelou, Petra Schott, EDO, Victor Manuel Hernandez Castillo, Jerónima, Mingzhu Mu, Roberto Beragnoli, Sara Anderson, Steve Jensen, Eri Kato, Donna Milne, Root Yarden, Alex Angel, Andrea Cardenal, Nathanael Cox.


Rebirth Catalog
Issue n.4, 2021 
We have released the official catalog of the exhibition where the selected artists are detailed with additional works from their archives, click on the cover below to view it online

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