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Katerina Orёl

Born in 1989, graduated “History of Art” from St. Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Her work is intuitive and sensuous, balanced between expressivity and clarity of forms. Visual
erudition helps to feel materials, pick a technique and experiment. Katerina loves to work with colors
and play with textures. Diversity in her approach and in media use are explained by the fact that the
idea is the primary thing: it defines a form and direct a visual language in every work series.

Katerina Orel is exploring human emotional world, female body and personality using herself as a basis and depicting various self-portraits with full range of feelings. Her second love is architecture and city image - with focus on geometric shapes, perspective, typically free of people as the space is open to the viewer. Memories and feelings captured during travelling along 53 countries and over 250 cities are the ones to be depicted: not the places she’s visited but her reflection of it. 

Her special value in art is to spread the feeling or emotion she experienced with the viewers, make them feel what she felts, make them fall in love with what she did.

Shows in 2022 include:
“Naked Nature”, Nikolskaya Gallery, London
“Naked Nature”, G Gallery, Samara
“Changes”, Pop Up Museum, Moscow
“PASA” Festival, Seoul, South Korea
“Peace to the body”, YY Modern Art Fond, Moscow
“Our life during the Pandemic”, Young Artists, Orenburg
“Moscow and its people”, Union of Artists, Moscow

Instagram: @katerina_orel
Telegram: @KaterinaOrel

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