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Danielle Gadus

Danielle Gadus is an Interdisciplinary Artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her practice has evolved from painting to include explorations with textiles, found objects and lighting effects as she aims to include a multi-dimensional sensory experience for the viewer. Heavily influenced by mindfulness practices and meditative experience, her work is primarily focused on engaging the viewer to participate in a responsive exchange between their own sensory feelings and the work on view by utilizing elements of movement, scale, light and sound in addition to the visual scene.
She began her career by exhibiting work at grassroots gallery spaces in Phoenix, Arizona and has gone on to participate in interdisciplinary shows in New York City and Mexico City involving visual artists, musicians and avant-garde fashion exhibitions.

Meditative in nature, I see my work as residue of process. A process of connecting within, tapping into flow and exploring the duality of intentional action/letting go. I approach my practice with no expectations; inviting entropic phenomena to help alter material and impact form. An element of chaos arises in these moments of spontaneity and a process of allowing the unknown to unfold occurs. Utilizing both organic and industrial mark making tools allow me to work with the nature of the material and test the extent of my own intervention; exploring a flow of control, engagement and letting go. I explore the subtle qualities of experience, qualities such as texture, sense of time, perception of light or response to movement.

By pushing the boundaries of composition to include ephemeral elements of the surrounding environment, I explore how one’s attention and energetic focus can move into different realms and alternative perspectives.

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