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Group Show


May 21, 2022

Selected artists: Bela Balog, Claudia Habringer, Dawn M Gaietto, Olga Me, Vanessa Wenwieser, Christian Door, Taghera, Deoffal Maldoror, KIYORA, O Yemi Tubi, Laura Dimitrova, Eri Kato, Lize Krüger, Luana Stebule, Nato, Pato Reichler, Patrick Vandecasteele, Rob Sirignano, Sarah Louise Kinsella, Steve Jensen, Susanne Meier zu Eissen-Rau, 
Julia Bondikova Haiku, Paul Hartley, Salvatore Mauro, Vian Borchert, Artusnow, Luciano Caggianello,

Paul Richards, Kamila CK, Vasile Stefanoiu, Wendy Cohen, Yvonne Welman. 


Reminescence Catalog
Issue n.6, May 2022 
We have released the official catalog of the exhibition where the selected artists are detailed with additional works from their archives, click on the cover below to view it online

Screenshot 2022-05-17 221126.jpg
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