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Taghera, was born on October 26, 1996 in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), the second child in her family. She was 3 years old when my mother left the family, and 5 when my father died. Since then, her life has been very difficult. She also had to deal with poverty, cruelty and violence, so she didn't have time to be a child. From a young age, drawing was an outpouring of her soul, which brought some relief.

However, due to life circumstances she took a break from painting, and she could never pursue art formally. At the age of 21, she followed her dream and moved to Italy to paint more deeply in her own style, which is called “abstraction”;. Why did she choose this style of drawing?
- The best way to explain is that she really did not see any starting point for herself since childhood. She often conveys her emotions when she paints, including the deep desires and pain she has experienced in her life. In her paintings, she wants to reflect life, movement, relationships and feelings, some human prophets and life's problems. The artist tries to do all this by looking for emotions and inspiration in all possible places and communicating with different generations of people. She paints most of her paintings in oils and in many colors, this is her style and she is different from others. She always feels that the soul of a great artist lives in her, and this does not allow her to be afraid of mixing colors.
This is just the beginning of it...

Her goal is to be a great young artist in her era! She has not been formally trained anywhere, and she has 2 years of hard-earned canvas painting experience. Her work is in private collections in the US, Europe and online.



Twitter: Taghera1

Instagram: Taghera_art

Facebook: Taghera Art

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