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Daria Avdeeva

Daria, born in 1996 in Russia and raised in the UAE, is a fine artist with a multicultural background, that is greatly influenced by Bulgarian, Russian and Italian traditional academies in which she has studied. She has a deep understanding of classical art techniques and applies them to traditional subjects such as still life, portraiture, and figurative painting. However, she also adds a modern twist to her work, creating fresh, lively, and colorful pieces. One of the artist’s main goals is to develop her own unique technique,
which involves using different textures, lines, color combinations and simplicity in the subject to submerge the viewer into serenity and a calm state of mind. She often uses symbolism, along with other tools, to convey a message and spark feelings in the viewers. This approach creates a deeper connection between the artwork and the audience, resulting in a more significant impact.
The artist prefers to work with black liner pen, charcoal, and oil paint. Her work is often characterized by its bold use of color and texture, which creates a sense of movement and energy. Her pieces are full of life and are sure to capture the attention of anyone
who sees them. Overall, this artist is a talented and passionate individual who is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art techniques. Her work is full of creativity, energy, and meaning, making her a rising star in the art world.

I prioritize capturing those ephemeral instances that are incredibly slender, to the extent that they could occupy the space between seconds and even thoughts. When it comes to my artistic expression, I strive for a gentle, tender, and animated quality. I enjoy exploring textures that harmonize with one another, imparting a sense of richness and dimension to my creations. I find great pleasure in utilizing color as a potent tool that possesses the ability to imbue a painting with harmony, establish a particular atmosphere, and aid in effectively conveying the intended message of the artwork.

Youtube: DariaDrawsArt

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