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Vanessa Wenwieser   

Vanessa Wenwieser’s work places the female into the centre of her imagination, she liberates them from the typical male gaze and brings her female perspective to the forefront. This gives them a very contemporary feel, in addition to her art being created digitally!
In her artworks, women are seen as beings with minds, emotions and intuitively powerful. Using the figure and allusive storytelling elements Wenwieser examines the gap between appearance and being. 
Feelings are exhibited naked and vulnerable, she explores them in an imaginative and beautiful way, trying to make people see the transcendent.
Her aim is to pull the viewer inside her pictures to make them inhabit her otherworldly depictions. 
These artworks, show what particular transformative emotions and feelings could look like. Be it love, metamorphosis, imagination, healing, regaining lost strength and the afterlife. 
Wenwieser uses space to create feeling of the sublime, when describing strong emotional places of the soul.
“I want to be inside your darkest everything” (Frida Kahlo)

The theme I chose, originates from Judaic and Mesopotamian mythologies; pre-Christian. The figure Lilith who, in my piece called  “The allure of darkness’,  was the first wife of Adam in mythology.
I savoured her story very much and thought although it happened so long ago her character and strength can easily be linked to modern times and feminism. She was banished from the Garden of Eden for not complying with and obeying Adam. I find her inspiring; hot and fiery; she fought for equality and striving for fairness; she is not frightened to being alone in the wilderness or of holding a snake; she would rather be alone and banished than to receive orders from Adam.
She said because she was made from earth, as was Adam, that they are equal and she did not accept that he said he is superior. This is a great analogy to represent feminism and striving for equality, even in present day, which is still ongoing, which the latest case in America shows that they are discussing the right to abortion although it has been the law for over 50 years. 
My wish is to represent women from former times that are still inspirational nowadays and the idea is timeless. My Lilith holds her head up high and looks defiant and is alluring and dangerous with her fiery red hair. I think women like this inspire women nowadays to continue the fight. 
I want to liberate the female from the male gaze and bring my female perspective to the forefront. I want to show them with minds, emotions of their own and intuitively powerful. The idea is ongoing, the connection is from ancient days, but the method of making the artwork is completely modern, after all how much more modern can you get than digital art?

Instagram: kunstfabrikstudio

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