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Mark Sajatovich

As a self-taught artist, Sajatovich continues to learn from diverse styles, but initially centered on the Group of Seven. Eventually, his areas of interest grew to include wildlife artists as well as maritime folk and Indigenous artists. Over the years, these influences combined to form a passion for bright color palettes which he used in his interpretations of modern social issues and historical events. For the past decade, Sajatovich has explored social and environmental issues through his abstract art and is encouraged by emerging artists with the courage and the faith to express their vision of reality. As de Kooning wrote, "What you do when you paint, you take a brush full of paint, get paint on the picture, and you have faith." In 2023, Sajatovich was selected for a half dozen online exhibitions and awarded top ten placements in several international art competitions.


Mark Sajatovich is an abstract artist from Nova Scotia who was inspired by early 20th century geometric abstractions and the styles of Kandinsky, de Kooning and Basquiat. His works attempt to present clear and impactful pieces of abstract expressionism that emphasize the energy and immediacy of his themes.

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