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Naïstini Valaydon

Naïstini Valaydon (b.1997), is a Mauritian multidisciplinary artist based in London.
She works with several media including photography, film and in-stallation. Her work explores the human condition and psychology through a complex exploration of the human body and mind. Naïstini’s works have been showcased in multiple exhibitions inter-nationally notably in Paris, London and New York. She has recently graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts & Design, UAL after studying for a BA in Communication from Uni-versité Sorbonne Paris Nord.


Naïstini Valaydon is a multimedia artist working primarily with pho-tography, film and installation. Her work explores the human con-dition and psychology through a complex study of the human body and mind. Naïstini’s work explores interpersonal relationships, love, sex, ro-mance and femininity. Accordingly, all these themes have one point of convergence which is, human violence and trauma.
Therefore a recurring examination in her works is, how to exist and to co-exist in this current society.
Her artworks are known to be very visceral as she makes use of her personal life as a field of research, which provides her work with authenticity and relatability. The aim of her work is to create a cathartic moment to the audi-ence allowing space and time for education and understanding of the self. Naïstini uses the contemporary art scene as a terrain for activism as it is the only place where a philosophical and political idea can meet and be discussed visually.



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